Veckans mp3

17 Jul

Det blev två låtar den här gången. Lite svårare den här veckan. Inte lika självklara spår som förra veckans men likväl mycket bra! De bästa den här veckan av det jag hunnit lyssna igenom.

Första spåret ut är  OPTSM´s Marblehead.

Rcrdlbl skriver:

Hard to take a band seriously that claims to be ”driven by upbeat cynicism, a focus-group mentality and a precise awareness of hyped blogosphere trends” and that’s probably because we’re not supposed to take them entirely seriously. That said, we’re into OPTMSM–a new cough-syrup-in-yr-drum-machine project from Dinowalrus’ Pete Feigenbaum and Bachelor Of Arts’ Angus Tarnawsky–because they sound like Bauhaus fighting each other with lightsabers.

Andra spåret är låten Hang around med The Biters


There are a lot of bands like Atlanta’s Biters–scrappy, straightforward, born-in-the-wrong-decade power-pop/punk revivalists who live for touring dilapidated dive bars and proudly wear their influences on one-inch lapel buttons. Not a lot of those bands have a song like ”Hang Around”–ostensibly a slacker anthem, but one of unavoidable catchiness, the kind of song you most want to hear when school lets out for the last day in June or every Friday at 5PM. Nothing to overthink, just the celebration of doing what feels good. And maybe wearing leather pants.



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